Recording Studio

The BLB Studios

Recording Studio

The Blind Leads the Blind has a studio dedicated to producing artists that don't have the resources to record themselves based out of Loveland, CO. Brian Hill, the head Engineer, has been working in the industry for years and composes/produces music to be licensed for film and TV shows. 

Latest Track

Check out this amazing artist that just came through the studio and took full advantage of all it had to offer.

This would be the Latest track produced at The BLB Studios. Find More from this artist Here

Gear List

Universal Audio Apollo 8
Audient ASP 800
PreSonus ADL 600
NI Maschine Micro
M-audio Keystation 88

Logic Pro X

Yamaha HS8 w/ HS10
M-Audio AV 40
Sony X-plodes

Shure sm57s, sm58, sm7b, Beta 52, sm81
Telefunken AK47 MK2
ADK Zigma 67, 251
JZ Microphones BH-2
Neumann KM184

Waves Platinum and then some
SSL G channel, Neve 1073, Manley Vox Box, Teletronics LA2a, Century tube pre, API Vision, Empirical Labs Fatso and Distressor, Helps type 69, Neve 88 and more
Sountoys Suite
Izotope Creative suite,  Ozone 7
Omniphere suite



If you are interested in recording the BLB Studio visit my contact page for more info: Pricing, Questions

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