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The Blind Leads the Blind

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The Blind Leads the Blind's first release in the style of Alternative Indie Rock. Brian Hill wrote/performed ALL instruments/recorded/mixed/mastered the entire album himself with the exception of slide Guitar on the Track, "Infected", in which he asked his talented good buddy, John Shippey to fill in. Enjoy. Cheers, Brian Hill

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The Blind Leads the Blind has its humble beginnings in the heart of Los Angeles and has now settled in Loveland, CO. The founder and sole member of the band, Brian Hill, has dreams of opening people’s eyes to the appreciation for seemly mundane gifts such as sight, through music. In our current consumer culture, happiness seems to be only attained in the collection of possessions and riches, status and fame. We take for granted the beautiful gifts we experience everyday such as our 5 senses in which we use to experience. Remind the masses happiness is out there and it isn’t gained through meaningless clutter. Open your eyes to the Blind Leads the Blind to find yourself not distracted from reality but deeply immersed in it. The musical experienced not designed for escape but rather to engage. 

The Blind Leads the Blind pulls its musical influence from many sources, some known some unknown, but others are evident to the everyday listener such as: Alice in Chains, Pink Floyd and the Doors but with some deep tribal roots incorporated. The Blind Leads the Blind doesn’t make music to cater to an audience but writes from the soul to portray emotion, music the composer himself would be interested in. We must make music to fulfill its purpose which is to pass an emotion over the air to be perceived by another and treasured in that moments as a musical memory association. 

After a year and a half in the making, The Blind Leads the Blind has just released it’s debut album entitled, “One”, early summer 2017 which you can find on every major online store as well as his own website. Creative control is profoundly important to this project being one of the cornerstones to its existence. Music that will be delivered to you in its purest and most raw form, straight from the artist to your ears. This means, Brian Hill, Composed/Recorded/Produced/Mixed/Mastered everything all himself including every instrument you heard on his album entitled, “One”, with the exception of the slide guitar on the track entitled, Infected. 

Check it out and tell me what you think. We encourage you to join our mailing list to stay updated on what’s going on with the Blind Leads the Blind and hope to hear any criticisms, questions or comments. 

Everything to the the glory of God, Jesus Christ. 

Cheers, Blind 

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